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A summary of technical updates to the State Funding for Social Movements database:

August 2022: The RecipientOrg: Name search box has been updated to an ‘and’ rather than ‘or’ search. The Sector checkboxes have been revised so that checking two sectors produdes a found set that includes only those recipients that fall within both categories (rather than all recipients in each sector). Some minor visualization / presentation style issues on the main page. A handful of organizations that were improperly coded as Indigenous Peoples has been corrected.


May 2021: The Public Accounts dataset was updated to address minor issues identifed in the data. Some Recipient Organization: Name fields were updated to confirm with common spelling for the organizations’ name, which reduced the overall number of unique organizations in the dataset (List of Organizations). A small number of records were removed after having been identified as not falling wtihin one of the four sectors or were classified did not fall within the defintion of a nonprofit organization. The terminology “Aboriginal” was revised to “Indigenous”. The Other category was temporarily removed to update the coding and spelling names. A few search options (Project Description, FundingOrg: Program, and Parent Program) were removed from the search pane (the data remains in the columns or individual record page). The names of several fields were updated for better clarity.