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Exclusions: Public Accounts

Women’s Category: includes organizations that are not explicitly women but address issues that are predominantly women such as anorexia or family violence or family life/planning (neighbourhood houses or child sexual abuse that deal with children/family and less on women are checked as well as Other); family services associations (geared towards children) are not included as wom groups; Family counseling and family life associations were included because most provide sexual assault and family violence services for women

sports associations/teams

schools and universities/colleges

nurseries & day care centres



Historical societies

Chamber of Commerce

Family and Community Services Society

Neighbourhood houses

Alcohol and Drug Counselling (except Aboriginal)

Seniors Peer Counselling

Canadian Guidance and Counselling Ass

Wood preservers


Tree service

BC Research Council

Landscaping companies

Any funds, allowances or salaries or expenses or trusts

Board of school trustees

Seed companies

Great West Life Assurance

BC Hydro

Water district

BC Transit

Liquor control board

BC Treaty Commission

Forest services

Forest products

Forest industries (not Associations)


Technology systems


Field party expenses

Ladies wear

Ministries (monies to govt ministries)


mastectomy shops

bottle depots

Grasshopper control committee

recreation commission

anti-pollution companies

camps (recreation, eg. Camp Wallace but included Camp Polatch)

Federal: Public Accounts

Recipient names have been revised to produce more consistency among the names. However, users can search the field “Original RecipientPA” to search the original name. For instance, Aboriginal people’s organizations including band/council/first nations were revised to band. So, in the case of Ahousaht, the following have all been revised to ‘Ahousaht Band’: Ahousaht Band Council, Ahousaht Band, Ahousaht First Nation, Ahousaht Indian Band. In each case, we revised the name to the one most commonly used (eg. the largest number of references) in Public Accounts.

Federal PA Table data is limited to the following ministries for the years:

Canadian Heritage (1996-2014)

Citizenship and Immigration (1995-2014)

Employment and Immigration (1979-1994)

Employment and Social Development (2014)

Environment (1972-2014)

Fisheries (1980-2014)

Forestry (1990-2014)

Human Resources (2003-2013) 

Indian Affairs (aka DIAND) (1972-2014)

Labour (1972-1995)

Manpower and Immigration (1974-1978)

National Health and Welfare (aka Health) (1979 – 2014)

Secretary of State (1972-1994)

FederalPA (PDF) file in PA Archives: 

We initially extracted five ministries, and later expanded to include several ministries such as Labour, National Health and Welfare. These ministries are missing from the FederalPA file in the PA Archive table, but can be found in the complete file FederalPA_GC or FederalPA_PSS. 


For the following years, the city was extracted but we failed to also extract the FederalToJurisdiction: 1982-1983, 1985-1989. The field was also incomplete for the years 1972-1981 and 1990-2002. There were also errors in the original published version of Public Accounts for the year 1994. For instance, in the published document, the following record is listed as New Brunswick when, in fact, the organization is from Nova Scotia  “Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselling Association of NS Cape Breton NB”. This was a systemic problem in the original source for the 1994 Public Accounts. In addition, it was common in the 1980s for the federal Ministry of Employment and Immigration records’ original files to include the city but not the FederalTo jurisdiction.To address our failure to collect the data for some years, we matched records with a blank FederalTo with others in the database that had the same recipient/city, and imported the FederalTo jurisdiction. Those records that were updated using this method can be identified by the inputeFederalTo field checkbox or comparing with the original city field. Moreover, we reviewing a list of cities that appeared multiple times missing FederalTo, and manually searched the city/recipient to complete FedearalTo in every city that appeared 6 times or more. As a result, of the 2122 records with a city but missing FederalTo, there is no city appearing more than 5 times without FederalTo. Many of these records include instances of grants to international institutions, other countries or national organizations that did not have a province identified in the original records.

Federal Records missing FederalTo: 2271

Recording missing cities and FederalTo: 1081

Records with city but missing FederalTo: 1190 [of these records, there is no city appearing more than 4 times without FederalTo) 


Master Program fields: 

From 1972-1978 and 1996-2014, we did not collect Master program data (except for 120 records on human rights).  This information is available in the original source in PA Archives. Most years after 1996 records have no masterProgram except to identify the entire Department/Ministry budget. Master Program data available for 1979-1987 in all fields (with the exception of a few hundred records). In the 1988-1994 period, Master Program data is available for all but 1200 out of 27,000 total records.

Some years of Public Accounts, including the 1980s to 1990s, include an individual program name (eg. “Grants to…”). For these years of Public Accounts, there are two levels of program titles.  First, there is a broad program that encompasses several smaller programs. For instance, in the Federal 1992 Public Accounts, the Ministry of Indian Affairs and Northern Development has a program titled “Indian and Inuit Affairs Program”.  Second, there are programs listed within these programs.  For example, within the Indian and Inuit Affairs Program, several programs such as “Grants to individuals to protect Indian and Inuit Children” appear. In years when this system was in place, the former program title was entered into the “Master Program” field and the latter program title into “Program” field.

Program field (Federal only): 

This data is available in all but records 1643 records.  Most of these records did not contain a Program field in the original source. For instance, Employment and Immigration had a Master Program (Employment and Insurance) but was sub-divided by region rather than Program. Most of the entries listed as N/A are from Employment and Immigration or National Health and Welfare. There might be some errors of missing data – estimated at less than 20% of the 1643.

Excluded from FederalTo Update (field):

Approximately 311 records were identified as having the same recipient name and city (eg. Abegweit Band, Montreal Lake Band )but with a different province or territory (FederalTo). They were excluded from the update used to fill-in blank FederalTo fields.

City Name with SMO name:

Every year of federal public accounts included the city name at the end of the recipient name (and the province or territory) in most but not all records.  In many cases, these record with N/A in the city field are for national organizations or recipients that did not list a city. 

Solicitor General: 

Provided funding for Elizabeth Fry Societies, but is not included in selected ministries.


Later years when data is taken from Excel complete sheets (not PDF) a small number of grants include cents – in these cases, the cents are included in the amount field.

Recipient Name:

In circumstances when the recipient names include “via” and a city (eg. via Vancouver), the word ‘via’ was deleted and the city was added to the city field.

In some circumstances for the years 1980/1 and 1993/4, the French characters (eg. accents) are missing in the text.

In some circumstances, the recipientPA name begins with ‘and’ or ‘et’. Although it appears incomplete, this is how the record appeared in the original PDF file

Data available in original PDF in PA Archives table (field):

We failed to collect the data on MasterProgram for these records OR there was no MasterProgram in the original document. Refer to the original document in the PA Archives table.

Notes on specific years:

1960-1971: There are no substantive lists of grants to SMOs from 1960 to 1971. There are also very few program funds for SMOs.

1972 – 1978: Federal Public Accounts for these years were processed by identifying key ministries – Environment, Indian Affairs, Manpower and Immigration and Secretary of State – and manually copying individual entries. There is no Complete file for these years.

1972 to 1987: The Federal Public Accounts lists of grants and/or transfer payments beginning in 1972 are clumped together in paragraph format, rather than lists. 

1980: There is no sub program entries for Environment, Employment, and Immigration in the complete PA file. We only collected sub program totals that contain organizations dealing with Women, Environmental, or Aboriginal advocacy.

1972-2000: The number of entries in transfer payments in Federal Public Accounts increases dramatically in 2001.

1988 to 2000: Federal PAs use list format for grants, which is much easier to import into an Excel sheet using our methodology.

1991 Federal PA missing page 7-25, but this page is for a ministry not within scope of study.

1991 Federal PA: deleted from extracted file most school districts and YMCA.

1993-1994: Transfer Payments for the years 1993/1994 in Federal Public Accounts were not published. They were secured by request from the Federal Public Accounts office.

1996-2002: The Complete file for Federal Public Accounts for these years were secured through an access to information request. No PDF file was required to produce the list of transfer payments.

Federal Public Accounts sources:

Digitized versions:

Digital Versions of Federal PAs are available on-line: prior to 1995 they are held at and after 1995 they are available at the Library and Archives Canada.

Federal Public Accounts Thresholds:

Thresholds are based on information published in the Public Accounts and, for years when the information was not published, personal correspondence with the office responsible for the Federal Public Accounts.

1972-1977: $2,000 (Professional and Public Services – there is no Grants and Contributions section)

1978: $2,000 (Professional and Public Services & Grants and Contributions)

1979: $10,000 (Grants and Contributions)

1980-1983: $25,000 (Grants and Contributions & Professional and Public Services)

1984-1988: $50,000 (Grants and Contributions & Professional and Public Services)

1986-1988: $50,000 (Transfer Payments & Professional and Public Services)

1989-2014: $100,000 (Transfer Payments & Professional and Public Services)

Notes on Public Accounts Thresholds:

Some records appear below the threshold in Public Accounts (e.g. International Geographical Union, 1979, $1050)

Data was collected from Professional and Public Services for the years 1972 to 1977 (there was no Grants and Contributions section). For 1978, data was collected in both Professional and Special Services and the Grants and Contributions sections of Public Accounts. For the years 1979+, data was only collection from the Grants and Contributions or Transfer Payments sections – NOT Professional and Special Services.

Description reads as “payments by recipient with individual payments over…” (1970s), or “total expenditure by recipient or class of recipients with individual payments of $25,000 or over” (1981), or “total expenditure by recipient or class of recipients, together with a detailed listing of (a) individual payments of $25,000 or over or (b) the aggregate of all payments to a recipient that totals $25,000 or over” (1983) or “total expenditure by recipient or class of recipients, together with a detailed listing of individual payments of $50,000 or over” (1984)

Year Title & Page Number (from the original PDF file, not the file in PA Archives)

1980 Professional and Special Services p.753

Grants and Contributionsp.933

1981 Professional and Special Services p.807

Grants and Contributionsp.925

1982 Professional and Special Services 801

Grants and Contributionsp.947

1983 Professional and Special Services p.773

Grants and Contributionsp.939

1984 Professional and Special Services p.471

Grants and Contributionsp.627

1985 Professional and Special Services p.503

Grants and Contributionsp.627

1986 Professional and Special Services p.731

Transfer Paymentsp.809

1987 Professional and Special Services p.693

Transfer Paymentsp.773

1988 Professional and Special Services p.705

Transfer Paymentsp.799

1989+ Professional and Special Services p.709

  Transfer Payments p.785

Editing: “&” was replaced with “and”

Number of records with FederalTo field completed but missing City

Alberta 21

British Columbia 55

Manitoba 24

New Brunswick 15

Newfoundland and Labrador 7

Northwest Territories 5

Nova Scotia 5

Nunavut 9

Ontario 90

Prince Edward Island 1

Quebec 53

Saskatchewan 11

Yukon 39

PA Complete: Global Affairs has hundreds of grants excluded under sections 15, 19, 69 of the ATIA


British Columbia: Public Accounts

Recipient names have been revised to produce more consistency among the names. However, users can search the field “Original RecipientPA” to search the original name. For instance, Aboriginal people’s organizations including band/council/first nations were revised to band. So, in the case of Ahousaht, the following have all been revised to ‘Ahousaht Band’: Ahousaht Band Council, Ahousaht Band, Ahousaht First Nation, Ahousaht Indian Band. In each case, we revised the name to the one most commonly used (eg. the largest number of references) in Public Accounts.

British Columbia Public Accounts threshold:

For amounts included in transfer payment section (unknown before 1990). The database includes entries below the threshold because the threshold only applies when the total amount for a each organization is below the threshold. Therefore, if an organization received two grants from different ministries, of which one is below the threshold but the total combined amount is above the threshold, then both grants were reported in Public Accounts:

*British Columbia PAs for the following years identify grants over $500: 1960-1983

British Columbia PAs for the following years identify grants over $2,000: 1984-1989

British Columbia PAs for the following years identify grants over $10,000: 1990-1997

British Columbia PAs for the following years identify grants over $25,000: 1998-2014

[estimated threshold – not explicitly stated in Public Accounts, but based on review of amounts listed in the document]

The British Columbia Public Accounts Complete table includes all entries in the Transfer Payments (not services) section for the years: 2007 to 2014

The province divided grants to SMOs by ministries beginning in 1988.

Between 2002 and 2014, Public Accounts included a separate section at the end titled “Government Transfers – April Report.” These sections were excluded from the database because these grants were reported again in the following year’s Public Accounts.

Beginning 1983-84, Public Accounts included a section titled “Payments to Individuals, Firms and Corporations for Supplies or Services Rendered” or “Other Services.” In some years, there were also separate sections for payments to municipalities and hospitals. These sections were excluded. These sections, however, are available in the scanned PDF files for 1984 to 1997 (for 1998-2014, see the on-line Public Accounts for this section: A sample of the types of grants relating to case studies are available in the Extracted files for 1989, 1990 and 1995 in a separate sheet within the Excel file.

Aboriginal bands: Grants to Aboriginal bands were included for all years in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. They were included for federal grants only between the years 1995 and 2014.

British Columbia: Annual reports of various ministries, such as Attorney General or Human Resources, list grant amounts to SMOs that differ from Public Accounts. The organizations appear in both the report and Public Accounts; only the amounts differ. For this project, Public Accounts is considered the authoritative version.

NS and BC PAs include checked CYF for certain years, but not all (those years when all SMOs were included). Federal PAs have not been checked for CYF.

Agency: BC Public Accounts begin indicating the government ministry in 1988

Extracted Files: There is some discrepancy between the Extracted file in the PA Archives table and the records in PA or PA Other tables. For British Columbia, there was another round of reviewing records before importing the Extracted file into the database, especially in earlier years. Some references to non-SMOs such as libraries or professional associations were not imported from the Extracted file. This would have affected less than 5 per cent of records in the Extracted files.

British Columbia Public Accounts sources:

First Citizens Fund: Eleven grants under this program are reported in the 1988 PAs. Otherwise, grants from the FCF are not reported in PAs.

Several homemakers organizations are listed as both service or society – for instance, the “Nakusp and District Homemaker Service” and the “Nakusp and District Homemaker Society”. These names were not revised.

Editing: “&” was replaced with “and”

All information sources from and the database should be acknowledged by the User and cited as follows:


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