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The following short video tutorials explore the content and functions of the FileMaker database, including how to access the database.


Tutorial 1: How to access the database (3 minutes)



Tutorial 2: How to navigate the database (5 minutes)



Tutorial 3: Additional layouts and tables in the database (7 minutes)


Tutorial 4: Exploring the functions and tools in the database (6 minutes)


Tutorial 5: Creating Quick Charts (2 minutes)


Tutorial 6: Find and Sort Functions (8 minutes)


Tutorial 7: Charting and Reports Layouts (9 minutes)



The following videos are for the Research Assistants on this project. They explain the various functions for working with the database.

SF Training 1 – Using the Replace Field Contents Function (5 minutes)

SF Training 2 – How to Process PDF files in AFR and Excel

Readings lists on the topic of state funding for social movements

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